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Interior Design
; Agson Engineers developed a modular unit system, which allows high quality accommodation, hotels, offices, schools to be produced at low cost and delivered to any site in the world.
The fully equipped modular units are robust, easy to assemble and can be adapted to suit any end user needs.
Our system is also suited for higher buildings, three to sixteen floors, because of self supporting construction of our units.
The factory produced units allow consistent predictability, rapid construction at lower costs than traditional methods.
Our system is able to reduce construction times by up to half, as well as being a safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly technique than the traditional.
We have projects from small to big ones (over 100 units) and we can cover the whole process from A to Z, from idea and design to manufacture and finish on site.
Why Modular?
Why Modular? Modular Construction
Why Modular? Modular Projects
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Why Modular? Off-Site Production
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